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Uli Amelia Septriani Hermawan, 16th years old. Here i am, folks. Trying to enjoy my entire life with love laugh cry angry and pasttimes. So sit back relax and enjoy it :)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wow, Thanks God!

Well, i'm really happy right now. I just get back form hanging out with my friends and this evening, 2 days before Ramadhan month, i get mail from AFS said i pass jakarta chapter selection of AFS student exchange! Gossssssssshh, i'm very greatfull now. There's always a miracle before Ramadhan :)

But still, there's one more national selection. Wish me luck, fellas!

Ini dia nih amplop 'sakti'-nya haha

dan, ini dia surat mandraguna yang bikin gue kegirangan huehehehe


Sisil Rilia said...

waaaah selamat ya uli, gue bangga banget sama lo! :)

colinda clara said...

congratulation sayangkuuuuu

Uli Soler said...

sisil : thank you ya sisil & clara sayaaaaaaaaaaaaaang :) wish me luck yaaa hehe

Sisil Rilia said...

don't worry be happy li gue pasti doain dan dukung lo 100 %. gue yakin lo pasti bisa lanjut li! ayo berjuang! ahaha :D