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About Me
Uli Amelia Septriani Hermawan, 16th years old. Here i am, folks. Trying to enjoy my entire life with love laugh cry angry and pasttimes. So sit back relax and enjoy it :)

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 Things I Need & 1 Wish ;)

1. Converse All-Stars Lo-Top Clear! It's transparent shoes. It's unique and coooool, i think haha. I can change pattern of my shoes by changing my socks, right? hehehe

2. Louis Vuitton Drawstring Bag! I'm dying for this bag, aaaaaaaah. I really want to buy this for a looooong time, but yeah i don't have enough money ehehehe

3. iPhone 3G with Yellow Case! I (already) need a new handphone. My phone always get new visitors and we call it virus. Hope if i can get it! haha

4. Laptop VAIO maroon! Honestly, i just need laptop or notebook if i can study aboard by AFS. But i won't say NO, if my mom give me this haha.

5. Dancing Wall-E Robot! YES, I LOVE WALL-E! I really-really like this toy. This Wall-e will dancing if i connect it to my iPod. Last time i saw it in Jakarta, the price is almost 1 million rupiah , huoww.

6. Last thing, i hope i can pass the AFS Test. Amiiin

PS : Now i have boyfriend, his name's Triya. Wish i can have a loooong relation with him, amiin :)


INDAH-O said...

ih uli gua juga mau iPhone sama Vaio tauuuuuuuu ahahahaha


ikut afs ? wahh .
aku jugaaa. hehee

Renata said...

uuuliii ada plurk ga? gue nemu themes plurk nya wall e lucu deeeh, tapi bukan robot yg itu, tapi yg cewe http://www.plurkthemes.com/probe-one/

Lynn said...

uh spatunya keren!