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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EF Homestay Gold Coast 2007

We took this picture together after we had lunch at Sydney, Australia when we're on Sydney City Tour.
( There's Sydney Opera House behind us, haha )
Yes, i miss them all so badly.
It was such a really nice-beautiful-fun holiday with you all.
Everytime we spend together just like biggest memories for me.
Well, i hope someday we can gather ag
ain, guys :)

I also love this picture too! It's in front of Sydney
We're look catchy because all of us were red-ish, haha

And this is my EF's class while we're studied in Gold Coast :)
Let's guess, which one am i? hihi

1 comment:

Uli Soler said...

aaaaaaah kangen banget deh sama lo semua, kangen nyanyi Indonesia Raya rame2 di Aussie :(