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Uli Amelia Septriani Hermawan, 16th years old. Here i am, folks. Trying to enjoy my entire life with love laugh cry angry and pasttimes. So sit back relax and enjoy it :)

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

New (Cool) Stuff, I think

Howdy, folks!

Seneng banget deh gue hasil gue nabung hampir 1 bulan berhasil buat gue beliin ke barang yang udah lama banget gue penginin dan pas ketemu langsung aja gue sibat hahaha. Alhamdulillaaaaaaaah.
Wanna know what i bought?Yihiiiiiiiiiii,
i'm already
really excited
with my new
5x5x5 Rubik's
and i'm happy
that i can get
the original one
cooooool ;)

Can't wait trying to solve it! Ha ha ha ha


1 comment:

Uli Soler said...

yesssssssss udah berhasil ngesolve huehee